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Is there anything that says Southern more than rocking chairs on a porch?
Is there anything that says Southern more than rocking chairs on a porch?
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Porch Rocking Chairs


Porch Rocking Chairs

Is there anything that says Southern more

than rocking chairs on a porch?

I’m not sure if anyone doesn’t like a smooth-rocking chair and a tall sweet tea on a warm Summer day! Our family enjoys our rockers, so much so that they have weathered quite a bit of wear and tear over the years – not only from use but some blustery winds crossing the fields surrounding our home.

A new coat of paint was in order. But, first . . . we brainstormed. What creative idea could we come up with to make them more unique and a conversation piece on the porch – why else do we sit on a porch in a rocking chair? But to rock and talk to neighbors and guests. The Creating (Simple) solution: paint the last names of each family we represent on the chairs; one name for each of the four chairs. Utilizing a script that represented the right style for our home worked out well since it allowed for a lack of perfection in the painting of the names.

We also thought about ways to make a rocking chair even more comfortable. No better way to do that then creating a comfortable resting place for the palm of your hand and offering a bit of extra leverage to get the rocking chair into high-speed action! The Creating (Simple) solution: attaching a door knob to each of the arms of the chair. You could get really creative here, depending on the look or style you are after. In our case, we wanted the knobs to blend in with the chair. Since we have three more chairs to put knobs on we might try different styles to make each chair a little more unique.

Enjoy the Creating (Simple) video and photos and be sure to share in the comments a brainstorming idea of your own!

(Rocking chairs with a little history!)

Check out our short video to be inspired!

The structure of the chairs was in good shape, the finish was not.

We started by sanding the chairs.

(Our son loves taking on projects like this and works hard to get it done well!)

(The Zibra Round brush works great on these types of projects, gives you full control on every surface.)

The video shows this process in more detail. We didn’t mind a slight built up of paint to give it a painterly look.

We chose a color that made the names legible but kept it looking classic.

What do rockers and door knobs have in common? The palm of our hands! Turned out to be a creative solution to make the chair a little more comfortable and fun!

(The final look, name on back and knobs on arms!)

(The four chairs representing the four families comprising our family.)

(The Round Brush was perfect for this project!)

Please share with your friends!

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  • Lane Ball
    Posted at 16:24h, 28 September

    Thanks Lezlie!

  • Lezlie adams
    Posted at 19:33h, 20 September

    I love these chairs. The color is soothing and the added names are a beautiful touch.

  • Lane Ball
    Posted at 22:43h, 25 April

    You’ll have fun with them when you try some of these ideas! Let us know how they turn out!

  • Margaret E Waters​​
    Posted at 20:10h, 25 April

    I have two old rockers that I am dreading when they move up to the top of the ‘to do’ list.

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