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The Zibra Podcast

This is the Zibra Blog’s Before and After Podcast where we talk with furniture refinishing experts from around the world on how they find, select, repair, strip, sand, paint, protect and sell their refinished works of art.

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 Season 1  Episode 6

Natalie Dayton shares how she got started painting furniture, some of her favorite pieces and how she expanded her business through shipping.


Stay in Touch with Natalie:


 Season 1  Episode 5

Kristen shares how she got started painting furniture; her own milk paint and how she maintains safety while working.


Stay in Touch with Kristen:


 Season 1  Episode 4

Three members of #thefurniturediaries discuss the all new #thezibradiaries – prizes and awards each month!


Stay in Touch with the Artists of #thefurniturediaries:

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 Season 1  Episode 3

Want to start an online furniture painting business?  Encouragement and advice from Do Dodson.


Stay in Touch with Do:


 Season 1  Episode 2

We ask Chloe from where she gets her inspiration and she offers advise to those interested in starting in the business of refinishing.


Stay in Touch with Chloe:


 Season 1  Episode 1

One of the biggest challenges in furniture refinishing is finding the right pieces. We interview Fallon Yates with Market House Restorations and hear how she goes about locating those pieces to refinish and sell.  After listening to the podcast, click here to get a copy of Fallon’s top locations for finding furniture.


Stay in Touch with Fallon:


Comments & Suggestions

We would love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions for future podcasts.

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