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Thank You For Visiting Our New Blog Site!

We are excited about sharing our experiences with our paintbrushes and hearing about your experiences. Our primary goal is to share and inspire the endless possibilities of taking a (simple) idea and making it into your own personalized piece in 6 steps or less. These pieces will be enjoyed by your family for years to come or to sell if you have a furniture refinishing business!


My name is Lane Ball, branding director for Zibra and editor of its new blog. We are pretty down to earth at Zibra. We are a small company and are blessed to work from our homes! One of the things I enjoy most about my job is testing and retesting the multiple applications of our paintbrushes. Along with my wife and our three kids, we are constantly testing and experimenting with Zibra brushes, making our (simple) projects a family affair! You’ll often see projects, which include little hands taking on these fun DIY activities! We each have our “own” favorite brushes as you can see from the photograph!

It is our hope and goal to not only share inspiration, but also share in the continued development of our brush designs that will be extensions of your art-filled hands. Many of you will have the opportunity to try out new prospective brush designs from our brush labs tab.


If you have questions about our brushes or projects, please feel free to email me at lane@enjoyZibra.com


Feel free to share…