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Buffet Tables on the Zibra Marketplace!


Buffet /bəˈfā/: The self-serve meal is drawn from the piece of furniture on which such a meal might be served. A cupboard, or set of shelves, for plates, glass, china and other like furniture. A “sideboard” in eighteenth-century French, pronounced “buh-FAY“.


To discover more about how to purchase the item, price, details and more about the artist, click on the icon and you will be taken to the artists website or social page.

  • Vintage Buffet - Prairie Vintage Charm
  • French Style Sideboard - Forgotten Gems Chic
  • Grey Sideboard - K T Designss
  • Vintage Therapy By Lynn - Anitque Buffet
  • Beautiful Sideboard - Jodi Bagnato
  • Versatile Mini Buffet - Salvaged by K. Scott
  • Lovely Buffet - Home with Ally
  • Chic Buffet - Chalk It Up, LLC
  • Queen Anne Buffet - Bespoke F.A.D
  • Antique Buffet - The Cozy Sunroom
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