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Chairs & Stools on the Zibra Marketplace!


Chair /CHer/: A movable seat; a frame with a bottom made of different materials, used for persons to sit in; originally a stool. The Old French root is chaiere, “seat or throne.”


Stool /sto͞ol/: A seat without a back; a little form consisting of a board with three or four legs, intended as a set for one person. Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch stoel, German stuhl.



To discover more about how to purchase the item, price, details and more about the artist, click on the icon and you will be taken to the artists website or social page.

  • Beautiful Bench - The Furniture Redeemer
  • Farmhouse Chair - Thirteen 79 Design
  • Classy Black Bench - Jenn Cann Designs
  • Boho Bench - Chick Stuff 22
  • Antique Telephone Chair - The Foster Farmhouse
  • Rocking Chair Re-do - Jenn Cann Designs
  • Cute Stool - M. Hurtado Gomez
  • Striking Chairs - Pixel and Grain Designs
  • Beautiful Bed Frame Bench - Farmhouse Found
  • Sweet Boot Bench - Forgotten Gems Chic

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