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China Cabinets on the Zibra Marketplace!


(China) Cabinet /kabuh-nit/: A piece of furniture, consisting of a chest or box, with drawers and doors to store china and similar kitchen wares.  From Middle French cabinet “small room”.


To discover more about how to purchase the item, price, details and more about the artist, click on the icon and you will be taken to the artists website or social page.

  • Antique China Cabinet - Sparrow Furniture Love
  • Country Chic Cabinet - Thirteen 79 Design
  • Mid Century China Cabinet - Prairie Vintage Charm
  • Antique Hutch - Then And Again Furniture
  • Stately China Cabinet - Red Tulip Designs
  • Country Chic China Cabinet - Heirloom Furnishings
  • Lovely Cabinet - Lubbly Jubbly Furniture
  • Farmhouse Style China Cabinet - Your Space Thriving
  • Farmhouse Hutch - The Foster Farmhouse
  • Chic Country Cabinet - Dustbin Revival

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