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Dressers on the Zibra Marketplace!


Dresser /ˈdresər/:  The North American term for a “Chest of Drawers“.  A piece of furniture used to store clothing and other personal essentials.  From Old French dresseur “prepare, dress”.


To discover more about how to purchase the item, price, details and more about the artist, click on the icon and you will be taken to the artists website or social page.

  • Piri Piri Dresser - Salvaged by K Scott
  • Amazing Antique Dresser - Then and Again Furniture
  • Retro Dresser - Vintage Roots Painted
  • Simple Dainty Dresser - Blue Peaches Furniture
  • Mid Century Tallboy Dresser - Prairie Vintage Charm
  • Modern Dresser - Chalk It Up LLC
  • Dresser Set - Jenn Cann Designs
  • Dresser:Coffee Bar - The Butchers Wife Decor
  • Classy Striped Dresser - Then and Again Furniture
  • Classic Dresser - Vintage West

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