The Zibra Blog | Owner & Artist behind Meg Del Design. Megan transitioned from a desk job to creating furniture art and in less than two years she is a success!
Owner & Artist behind Meg Del Design. Megan transitioned from a desk job to creating furniture art and in less than two years she is a success!
Owner & Artist behind Meg Del Design. Megan transitioned from a desk job to creating furniture art and in less than two years she is a success!
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You can listen to other interviews on our podcast page by clicking the podcast icon.

We are giving away two sets of Lauren’s favorite Zibra Paintbrushes!

You must comment below to be entered!

For an additional entry, note in the comments that you shared on social media and/or you listened to the podcast!  All those that comment will be entered into the random drawing to win one of two sets.  Contest closes Thursday, March 19th, 2019 at noon EST.  The winners will be announced below once they have responded to the email notification we send out to winners so make sure you check your emails March 20th & 21st.


Congratulations to:

Sonya H., AZ

Kelly L., WI

Select gallery of Lauren’s Work!

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  • Karyssa Walsh
    Posted at 06:43h, 12 April

    Loved Lauren’s Interview!

  • Jacqueline Rose
    Posted at 07:14h, 19 March

    Truly enjoyed Lauren’s candid interview! Thank you for all the community support and sharing!

  • Lauren Svacina
    Posted at 13:47h, 18 March

    You all know how to make a girl feel loved! Thank you all so much for these amazing comments, I can’t tell you all how much I needed them today ❤️

  • Deana Schemm
    Posted at 13:41h, 18 March

    Love her stuff! Very lucky to own a few pieces ♥️
    She is very talented and has great style.

  • Trish Wenzl
    Posted at 22:18h, 17 March

    Her work is so amazing sharing all you furniture thoughts idea with everyone so talented

  • Bethany Jentoft
    Posted at 21:09h, 17 March

    It is such a delight to learn more about other furniture lovers! I listen to the podcast and really enjoyed learning more about Lauren and her approach to this business!

  • Madelyn Arias
    Posted at 19:15h, 17 March

    Her work is amazing, beautiful and inspiring!

  • Tammy Shelton
    Posted at 16:21h, 17 March

    I shared on Twitter! QueenB_Tammy

  • Sherry Riggs
    Posted at 11:50h, 17 March

    Shared on Facebook. I have been a follower of Portland Row Studio on Instagram for a while. Love her style!

  • Mary Eguia
    Posted at 09:52h, 17 March

    Listen to podcast great info. The paint is so smooth. Beautiful furniture.

    Posted at 00:17h, 17 March

    Went and listened to the podcast. Great info on FB Marketplace. Learned quite a few new tips! Thank you!

  • Kelly L.
    Posted at 23:19h, 16 March

    Such an inspiration! I just started using a different zibra brush and love it! Will share on Instagram as well!

  • Gina Rallo
    Posted at 22:32h, 16 March

    What beautiful work! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Kathy Erickson
    Posted at 21:23h, 16 March

    Silly me, but I didn’t even know there was a Zibra podcast! I am now subscribed and I listened today while sewing on a quilt. Hearing about the other talented creators makes me want to search through FB Marketplace and find a few treasures to pretty up. I am totally inspired! Thank you!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  • Kathy Erickson
    Posted at 21:20h, 16 March

    Lauren is so very talented…a natural, for sure! I scrolled through her IG page and an greatly impressed by her work!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  • Tiffany McMenaman
    Posted at 20:28h, 16 March

    I love following Lauren on IG. She makes me laugh. Her work is so beautiful and unique. Thanks for sharing yourself and for all the amazing tips.

  • Dana Ridge
    Posted at 19:33h, 16 March

    Beautiful work! <3

  • Celia
    Posted at 19:27h, 16 March

    Oh I shared on Facebook and did listen to the podcast! Thanks

  • Celia Grant
    Posted at 19:26h, 16 March

    Beautiful work! Thanks you for sharing all your insight.

  • Laura Bernard
    Posted at 18:56h, 16 March

    I love your work! I’ve been painting for the past 2 years. Enjoy it so much!

  • Meri Averhart
    Posted at 18:39h, 16 March

    I enjoyed this Q&A so much! You have made me want to try milk paint, as well!

  • Julie Jones
    Posted at 18:32h, 16 March

    Love your work! Will have to keep an eye out for some idea. Very inspiring

  • Jan Jackoviak
    Posted at 18:32h, 16 March

    I’ve never painted a piece of furniture- I have five pieces waiting for me in my garage. I enjoyed looking at Lauren’s pieces for inspiration. I love that I can go back to the various podcasts to learn as I navigate my new hobby! 🤞🏻Cross your fingers for me!

  • Michael Jones
    Posted at 16:20h, 16 March

    Beautiful work Lauren. As a woodworker, furniture builder, furniture restorer, it is always wonderful to see and hear from people like you. Thank you.

  • Jody Bourke
    Posted at 15:16h, 16 March

    I love listening to the podcast(it’s my first ever!). The little bits of information are great! It’s nice to see and hear that artists that have been doing this a long time have the same dilemmas that newer artists deal with all the time!

  • Bethany Jongert
    Posted at 14:58h, 16 March

    I love Lauren’s work!!! So much inspiration!

  • aaron r
    Posted at 14:53h, 16 March

    Finding what goes with what and to see it in my mind has always been hard so that’s great for me. I want to do more about painting myself and so that would probably even save me so money. I think what you did looks so good and I am a little bit jelly of your skills! Well done.

  • Laura E
    Posted at 14:37h, 16 March

    Thank you for sharing this interview! I, too, paint during naptimes. I’m slowly learning how to paint and decorate my house. You have done a great job with all those pieces of furniture.

  • Shelly McDaniels
    Posted at 13:54h, 16 March

    The hunt to find the perfect piece to paint then marry it with the right paint color…you’ve got it!

  • Katie Scott
    Posted at 13:37h, 16 March

    This was a great listen! I’m definitely going to spend my afternoon training my marketplace algorithm. Thanks for the great chat Lane & Lauren 😘

    Posted at 12:53h, 16 March

    It is always so fun to learn about each featured artist. I enjoy reading the questions and answers. I did take time for the podcast and really enjoyed it. As for the Zibras, both look like great brushes, but I am especially fascinated with the little palm brush. Have a Happy Spring!

  • Krystal foster
    Posted at 12:03h, 16 March

    Love this! As a fellow furniture artist I love hearing from other makers!

  • Mary B Tyner
    Posted at 11:59h, 16 March

    I love using milk paints. I only do my own pieces, usually given to me or from yard sales.

  • Weathered Hearts Designs LLC- Emily Roth
    Posted at 11:59h, 16 March

    I really enjoyed seeing Lauren’s work and listening to the podcast! I have found Podcasts to be one of my favorite things to listen to while I myself am painting. You are able to listen to someone’s stories and get great advice and tips all at the same time. Win win! Keep up the great work Lauren and thank you Zibra!

  • Lynn Avery
    Posted at 11:52h, 16 March

    Thanks for sharing Very interesting information about FB Market place

  • Doreen Hill
    Posted at 11:41h, 16 March

    Such beautiful painted furniture! Lauren is an amazing artist.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Vicki Sudduth
    Posted at 11:39h, 16 March

    I so needed these ideas . I don’t have the money to buy new furniture, but I can paint them ! I would love to win !;

  • Leah Rust
    Posted at 11:35h, 16 March

    I’ve always thought Lauren does such beautiful work! She’s so inspiring! I listened and, as always, enjoyed the podcast. It always gives me a jolt of motivation!

  • Darcie Doherty
    Posted at 11:29h, 16 March

    Wonderful work/pieces!. Love this blog, so easy to navigate!

  • Maria Ga8
    Posted at 11:27h, 16 March

    I love❤ your pieces , so inspiring! Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us . Listening to the podcast now 🙂

  • Dorota Kwolek
    Posted at 11:07h, 16 March

    Thank you for bringing a smile with all those beautiful pieces and this giveaway 🥰❤🥰

  • Tati Feige
    Posted at 11:07h, 16 March

    Her work is beautiful and inspiring! Shared on Instagram and listening to the podcast right now! 😊

  • Catherine
    Posted at 11:06h, 16 March

    Always beautiful work! Just now discovering the podcasts! Listening to finalists. Thanks for sharing

  • Tammy Cox
    Posted at 10:57h, 16 March

    Lauren’s work is beautiful. I like the touch feature of the blog to read the answers. It’s engaging and held my interest more than most blogs. Listening to the Podcast now.

  • Sherry Overstreet
    Posted at 10:47h, 16 March

    Love your work! And your color selection.
    Watched podcast.

  • Jennette Kooger
    Posted at 10:38h, 16 March

    I love following along with Lauren on IG. Sometimes she makes me laugh and sometimes she gets serious. Love her little studio so much, she inspires me to have one someday. Thanks Lauren for sharing yourself with us! ❤️

  • Shari Allen
    Posted at 10:32h, 16 March

    Enjoyed the podcast but would be helpful if you had pictures of the pieces being discussed by the other artists. Very hard to follow when you can’t see them!

  • Sheila Wall
    Posted at 10:29h, 16 March

    I listened to the podcast and found it to be very informative, especially towards the end where Lauren talked about FB Marketplace. Lauren’s pieces are just beautiful!

  • Brandon Talisse
    Posted at 10:28h, 16 March

    Lauren is an amazing artist! Love everything she touches 🥰

  • Robin Edler
    Posted at 10:27h, 16 March

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to you Lauren for being chosen! Such a well deserved honor! I love your tips/advice answer…DO WHAT YOU LOVE! it is HIGH on my bucket list to get over to your little shop…and this summer I WILL get there! You are my go to #instaperson (not in the creepy way…but more in the “you rock” way) 😉Honestly, love your work & your posts & feed! Keep doing you girl! Congrats!

  • Bette Hiltz
    Posted at 10:17h, 16 March

    Beautiful work. I love the blue pieces the most.

  • Melissa Stone
    Posted at 10:17h, 16 March

    I paint furniture mostly for myself. I find that the brushes that I use make the world of difference!
    Lauren does beautiful work. Thank you for highlighting it!

  • Story Chang
    Posted at 10:16h, 16 March

    I have been following Lauren since last year and love her work! I’d love to try some new brushes. 🙏

  • Story Chang
    Posted at 10:15h, 16 March

    I have been following Lauren since last year.

  • Story Chang
    Posted at 10:14h, 16 March

    I have been following Lauren since last year. Love her work!

  • Meredith Schwerdt
    Posted at 10:13h, 16 March

    Listened to the podcast! Love Lauren’s work and would love to win her favorite brushes. Thanks for the chance!

  • Sarah Bolton
    Posted at 10:10h, 16 March

    Loved hearing the story of how Lauren and McKenna became friends! Such an awesome story about that piece 😍

  • Judy Pollock
    Posted at 10:09h, 16 March

    I am always amazed by the talented people out there. Thx Zibra for sharing them with us.
    I paint the odd piece of furniture I have kicking around, but only small things. Like chairs.

  • Grace Elletson
    Posted at 10:08h, 16 March

    Love Lauren’s work! Thanks for sharing your furniture thoughts 💕

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