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This is the Zibra Blog’s Before and After Podcast where we talk with furniture refinishing experts from around the world on how they find, select, repair, strip, sand, paint, protect and sell their refinished works of art.

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Season 2  Episode 41

Knowing The Right Type Of Paint For The Specific Finish You Are After.

The November Featured Artist is Jeanne Pope!  Join us as she shares more about her work and her experience with paint selecting!


Stay in touch with Jeanne:

Favorite Piece

Blue Jean Pressure

White Dipped Sideboard

Season 2  Episode 40

Interview With Jennylyn of Fusion – Special Announcement!


Jennylyn of Fusion Mineral Paint shares an exciting announcement about something new happening with their business.  Anne Michelle of Amini Design Ashburn gives suggestions of what you need to start your refinishing career.  Plus…Zibra announces shopping specials.



Fusion Mineral Paint

Stay in Touch with Jennylyn

& Fusion Mineral Paint:

Ask A Refinisher

Anne Michelle

Amini Design Ashburn

Stay in Touch with

Anne Michelle:

Black Friday

Limited Time

Unbelieveable Deals

Shop Black Friday

Deals Now!

Season 2  Episode 39

Achieving Great Close-Up Photography Of Your Staged Pieces.


Katy of Furniture Refreshed & Emily of Thirteen 79 Design share how they take close-up shots of their staged pieces.  They also chat with us about their “Dramatic Makeover” pieces.  Plus, Rachel of Upcycled Smithery shares a tip on framing your Instagram photos.



Furniture Refreshed

Vanity Dramatic Makeover

Stay in Touch with Katy:



Thirteen 79 Design

Kristen & Milk Paint

Stay in Touch with Emily:

Refinisher Tip:


Photographing your pieces to make sure they are in the full frame of Instagram.


Rachel Smith

Upcycled Smithery


Stay in touch with Rachel:

Season 2  Episode 38

Using Power Tools and Safely!, Plus Showcasing Your Pieces In Local Businesses.


Lynnette of Superb Curb Refurb shares details on a dramatic makeover of a dresser, plus she discusses how to use power tools safely in projects.  Also, we chat with Jen of Perfectly Imperfect Furniture about how to show your pieces through local businesses.


Dramatic Dresser Makeover, Plus Using Power Tools Safely.


Superb Curb Refurb

Stay in Touch with Lynette:

Ask A Refinisher

How Do We Engage Local Businesses To Display Your Pieces?

Jen Talley

Perfectly Imperfect Furniture

Stay in Touch with Jen:


Season 2  Episode 37

What To Consider When Painting With Milk Paint.


Kristen of Shackteau Interiors sheds light on important points to consider when painting with milk paint.  She also share news about an exciting new color added to her collection.  Plus, Alyssa of The Spruced Up Home shares about the dramatic makeover of a vanity into side tables/nightstands.



The Spruced Up Home

Vanity Dramatic Makeover

Stay in Touch with Alyssa:



Shackteau Interiors

Kristen & Milk Paint

Stay in Touch with Kristen:

Season 2  Episode 36

Painting On Leather, Plus Making Your Hobby Into An Official Business.


Susan of Little Lou Designs shares details on a dramatic makeover of leather chairs.  Also, we chat with Katie of Katie + Company about her many different creative ventures, plus she answers the question, “When should you make your hobby into an official business?” and more!



Little Lou Designs

Leather Chair Dramatic Makeover

Stay in Touch with Susan:


Katie Cloud

Katie + Company

Katie’s Unique Products

Stay in Touch with Katie:

Ask A Refinisher:


When is the right time to formalize a hobby into a business and is it expensive?


Katie Cloud

Katie + Company

Season 2  Episode 35

How Important Is Your Refinishing Workspace Environment?


The three winners of the September Zibra’s Review discuss their winning pieces, plus they share the importance of the environment of their refinishing workspace.


Happy Valley Restorations

1st Place

Stay in Touch with Jenna:


Little Lou Designs

2nd Place

Stay in Touch with Susan:

Amanda & Jenn

The Vintage Sisters

3rd Place

Stay in Touch with Amanda & Jenn:

Season 2  Episode 34

Learn About Soda Blasting From Our October Featured Artist.

The October Featured Artist is Lindsay Bowman!  Join us as she shares more about her work and her experience with Soda Blasting!


Stay in touch with Lindsay:

Favorite Piece

Mini Buffet

Ethan Allen Piece

Season 2  Episode 33

Booking Custom Pieces and Contracts!


Learn the details of how to set up a great refinishing contract. Listen to our new spotlight segment on a talked about piece and a great tip for trash day!

New Segment: Spotlight Piece!

Shelly Luehr

Basalt Mesa Studio

Stay in Touch with Shelly:

The Secretary Vanity

Tip: Finding Free Hardware!


Mel Did It Herself

Stay in Touch with Melissa:

Pricing: Custom Pieces

Danielle Rae

Soulful Collections

Stay in Touch with Danielle:

Fall Zibra Collective Contest

Celebrating the Autumnal Equinox

To Learn More:

Season 2  Episode 32

“Designing” Your Furniture Pieces, Plus Hear The Details Of August’s Winning Pieces!


The three winners of the August Zibra’s Review Contest share about their pieces. Also, they share in a Panel Discussion about “Designing” their furniture projects. Plus a tip on “How To Price Your Furniture“.

Jo Rohal

Click 2 Restore

1st Place

Stay in Touch with Jo:

Shelley Fox

Fox and Bear Revival

2nd Place

Stay in Touch with Shelley:


Lilly Moon Vintage

3rd Place

Stay in Touch with Yari:

Tip: How To Price Your Furniture.


Stay in touch with Megan:

Season 2  Episode 31

The Art Form Of Hand Turning Wood Bowls And Frugal Tips In Furniture Refinishing.


Meet Gary Bolton Of Gary’s Big Bowls. He and his wife, Sarah Bolton of Sitting Pretty Home Decor share about Gary’s venture into hand turning wooden bowls, plus Patty Brummel of Mid-Life Revival gives helpful and frugal tips.

Sarah & Gary Bolton

Sitting Pretty Home Decor

Stay in Touch with Sarah:


Gary’s Select Work

Gary’s Big Bowls

Stay in Touch with Gary:

Tips: Patty Brummel

Mid-Life Revival

Stay in Touch with Patty:

Season 2  Episode 30

Meet Courtney Weisel, Our September Featured Furniture Refinisher!

Learn more about Courtney, her pieces and her CREATIVE PLANNING PROCESSES that will assist you in your furniture refinishing!


Stay in touch with Courtney:

MCM End Table

Stenciled Chest

Geometric Design

Empire Chest

Favorite Piece

White Antique Dresser

Sideboard Collaboration

Season 2  Episode 29

Zibra’s Exciting Announcement And An Expert Refinisher Gives Insight In Our “Ask A Refinisher” Segment.


Brie Hansen, Zibra’s VP of Sales, shares about the launching of a new Zibra website, plus Jen Talley answers the question, “How do you deal with hagglers on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist?”

Brie Hansen

V.P. Sales of Zibra

Stay in Touch with Brie:

Jen Talley

Perfectly Imperfect Furniture

Stay in Touch with Jen:


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